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You don’t have to give up on your dream of furthering your education simply because you live far from a university.

You can enrol to an online course and receive a great education and improve your skills.

 Online courses make it easier for you to get access to education at an affordable price and on your planned schedule.

1. About the programs

Are your dream to further your education and get an undergraduate or post-graduate degree, and you live far from an existing university?

Then considering an online course can be the best option for you. Most of the universities in the country are overcrowded, and you might not get a chance to attend your dream school. This should not deter you from getting an education as you can enrol to online courses and be able to take a course and graduate. With how poor and bad the infrastructure is in the country getting to school can be hectic.

For this reason, you might opt to take online courses as it will be easier for you to get access to education. If you believe that the level of education quality offered in your local university does not meet your standards, no need to worry as you can enrol in an online class and choose what you want to learn and be able to assess the level of quality you will be getting.

 Additionally, if you want to increase your level of skills and increase your knowledge without the commitment that comes with attending classes, then you might consider taking online courses and choose a part-time course that will work with your schedule.

2. Values, goals and mission

• Provide accessible education

The mission and vision of starting my online courses guide are to increase the accessibility of higher education to remote areas and offer high-quality education.

Many people in Africa face the challenge of being able to access higher education, and they end up giving up on school. With online courses, you can find an online course which you love and pursue it.

Moreover, online courses allow you to get a Bachelor's degree without disrupting your schedule.

• Solve the issue of overcrowding

Most undergraduate programmes are overcrowded in Africa making it harder for students to get to a university. This can make you get demoralized and give up on furthering your education.

Pursuing a Bachelor's degree using the online course system allows you to get access to education and it solves the issue of overcrowding.

• Improve the future with education

Getting high-quality education is the future of improving most of the third world countries. Unfortunately, getting access to education can be hard in Africa since the many challenges people face. For this reason, online courses are to improve the level of access to education and improve the future of this continent.

• Believe in the strengths and will of young Africans

Believing in the strengths of young Africans and knowing that they want to improve their lives by getting an education is enough to motivate this online courses guide. Most of the youths in Africa want to improve their level of education and reduce the levels of illiteracy in the continent. Having access to the online course will allow them to have a Bachelor's degree which will allow them to secure good jobs in the market.

• Improve the leadership quality of the continent

Africa has been known to have poor leadership quality; this may be based on the fact that most people are not educated. Improving the accessibility of higher education will allow young Africans to be better leaders in the future. This will lead to economic development in Africa and improve the level of living and how people associate with each other.

• Be a trusted partner of ambitious and curious Africans

My online courses guide aims to be the most trusted provider of online courses to young and ambitious Africans. For this reason, they make sure they have provided the best education quality in the country.

This is to motivate the youth to take a chance and get a higher education.

3. History

My first edtech website was founded in 2015 to provide education to people who don’t have better access to education. When it started, there was a lot of positive feedback from the people around the country.

This motivated me to continue with the good work and add more online courses. Additionally, I improved the accessibility of online courses to provide undergraduate programmes and allow people to learn new skills.

You find different online courses on my online courses guide. You only have to figure out your passion and apply for a course that matches your vision.

Moreover, the website links to online courses marketplaces like Udemy which offer online courses for everyone to take part in. This is short courses that go with almost everybody’s likes, and anybody can apply, they include foreign language and short business courses. If you love medicine and you don’t want the hustle of attending classes and the stress that comes with disrupting your schedule. You can opt to take the special online medical courses that are offered by Lecturio.

 Additionally, Online Business School (Discount code: online520) has an undergraduate programme that will allow you to get a Bachelor's degree within a short time. If you are interested in a business course, then you can look for the course that you love and pursue it and earn your degree.

4. Our offer

Online degrees

Online degree courses are an increasingly popular option for African students wishing to graduate online with a top university in the US or Europe.

Whether you are thinking of studying for an undergraduate online degree or a postgraduate degree such as an MBA, you will discover that e-learning offers many advantages. Online degrees are as well respected as traditional campus degrees and help students to prepare for a successful career with a first class education.

Studying for an online degree can be particularly helpful for African students who are unable to leave their home country, whether for reasons of finance, family commitments or immigration policies.

Online degree courses are much more cost effective than campus degrees and for many courses, financial assistance is available. With an online degree, you have the opportunity to study with a leading university while still living at home.

One of the main benefits of online courses is that rather than being tied to a fixed timetable in a classroom, where missing a class can lead to failing the course, you can study at a time and place that suits your own schedule.

Online classes often consist of a week’s reading plus an assignment so you have several days in which to review the subject. Those studying for an online graduate degree find this particularly helpful: they can study whenever it is most convenient, whether early in the morning, during the evening or at weekends.

Thanks to this flexibility, you can earn your online degree while holding down a job or fulfilling other commitments.

Students studying for an online degree have access to all the course materials needed, including video lectures, textbooks and other course materials. This gives you the advantage of being able to pause and replay the videos as often as you need, a real benefit when compared to having to take notes at the same time following what the lecturer is saying.

When studying for a degree online, you may worry that you will lack the support given to students on traditional courses but this is far from the case: students can contact their tutor with any questions via phone or email and will receive a quick response. Online degree courses are community driven and you will be participating in a global network of respected professors, industry leaders and other online alumni.

Register with Online Business School today and take the first steps towards fulfilling your personal and professional goals:

Skill Improvements

Education is the key to achieving your goals and for African students looking to boost their skills and fulfil their potential, e-learning is an attractive solution, expanding the concept of education away from traditional settings to reach anyone with a mobile device and the internet.

Whether you live in a rural area where additional education and learning resources are difficult to access or whether you find online learning more convenient because of your personal circumstances, online courses have removed many obstacles to education across the continent.

Online courses offer new educational opportunities to everyone with internet access via a smartphone or other device: you can choose from a wide range of courses that meet the pressing need for skilled workers in today’s employment marketplace.

Continuing training is essential for professional development but when you’re short of time, it can be hard to keep up with rapidly changing requirements. Our Udemy courses are tailored to meet your needs and our most affordable, non-certificated online courses are the perfect way to enhance your skills quickly.

Packed with high-quality material, affordable Udemy online courses will help you get up to speed in many different areas of specialisation including leadership, coding, social media and communication.

With online courses, you have complete flexibility and you can fit your study time into your daily timetable rather than the other way around, so you do your independent learning at a time and place that suits you.

Whether you need to study after work to improve your career opportunities in your current position or are fitting your learning around family commitments, you have complete control and set your own pace.

You can pause the video, replay it and can review the course as often as you like, it’s up to you.

Skill Improvements and Continuing Education - Education is the key!

Continuing education is essential for professional development but when you’re short of time, it can be hard to keep up with rapidly changing requirements.

Udemy is the world’s largest marketplace for teaching and learning. More than10,000 expert instructors have published online courses on Udemy on everything from programming to yoga, marketing to guitar, photography to cake decorating, and so much more! Over 10 million students in 150+ countries are taking these courses to advanced their careers and pursue their passions. Each course is available on-demand, 24 / 7, via the iPhone, iPad, Android and Web.

Click here to get directly to Udemy – the leading online courses marketplace!

5. Benefits of online courses

• You have the privilege of starting the course whenever you are ready

It’s not like attending a normal university where you have to go to class at the scheduled time. Online courses allow you to have a more flexible schedule and you can plan yourself better. If you feel like you are in a position not to attend and start your course, you can push it to a time you are free. Be assured that your place will still be there, and nobody will fill it.

• You get an accredited Bachelor's degree

You don’t have to fear if getting a degree while studying online will be accredited and genuine. Since the online school is accredited and gives you valid degree courses that hold the same value as a person who attended the normal courses. This means that in the job market you will be judged based on your performance not on whether you attended online courses or not. This provides equal opportunities for everybody.

• Cost-effective

You get high-quality education and an accredited Bachelor's degree at a more affordable price. This is enabled by the many promotions and discounts you get when pursuing the online courses. You get to save up on your education and still get a high-quality education, and you improve your knowledge.

Conclusion and Contact

If you want to improve your skills, just explore an online course on Udemy, the leading marketplace platform.

If you want to get an acknowledged academic degree (bachelor, master), you can enrol to an undergraduate programme in the Online Business School and get your education.

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