Introducing IESEG – Empowering Change-Makers for a Responsible and Innovative World

IESEG is a leading French Grande École with campuses in Lille and Paris, dedicated to shaping individuals who will drive positive change and contribute to the development of responsible, innovative, and humanistic businesses in an international context. Choosing IESEG means embracing challenges, defying conventions, and changing the world! Get ready to immerse yourself in the new culture of international management.

Accreditations & Recognition:

  • IESEG’s diploma is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and holds the Master’s level accreditation.
  • A member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.
  • Triple accredited EQUIS (5 years), AACSB & AMBA – the 1st Post-Bac School to achieve this recognition.

Pedagogical Strategy:

IESEG’s pedagogical strategy revolves around three core axes:

  1. Pioneering managers of change – inspiring, ethical, and intercultural.
  2. Generating knowledge to foster innovative leaders.
  3. Promoting creative solutions for and with responsible organizations.

The IESEG Experience:

The IESEG learning experience is inherently intercultural, leveraging the diversity of origins, personal backgrounds, and professional experiences of its students as a tremendous asset.

The IESEG learning experience is built on four pillars:

  1. Active learning: Fostering student engagement and involvement in their learning journey.
  2. Personalized curriculum: Providing students with individualized coaching.
  3. Interdisciplinary learning: Linking and giving meaning to the knowledge acquired during courses.
  4. Skill-centered learning: Aligning teaching with the real challenges faced by businesses.

Programs & Specializations:

  1. PROGRAMME GRANDE ECOLE EN 5 ANS (5-year Grande École Program):
    • Bachelor’s cycle: Building a solid foundation in management disciplines.
    • Master’s cycle: Deepening expertise in a chosen field through 12 majors in initial training or 6 alternance tracks.
  2. BACHELOR IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS EN 3 ANS (3-year Bachelor in International Business):
    • Designed for students interested in international management and commerce.
    • Courses in Project Management and International Business Affairs in a globalized and complex economic environment, emphasizing ethics and responsibility.
    • One-year specialized programs for French and international students.
    • Developed based on industry needs and taught in English, with 11 MSc programs available.
    • Designed for professionals with at least 3 years of experience.
    • Provides a global understanding of business and the skills necessary for top management positions in international companies.

Admission Process:

IESEG offers various admission pathways based on the chosen program, including post-baccalaureate exams, online applications, and video interviews.

International Focus:

IESEG’s extensive network of partner universities demonstrates its commitment to internationalization. Students can combine their studies in France with academic exchanges in partner universities worldwide, including the opportunity for dual degrees.

Internships & Career Placement:

IESEG students gain practical experience through mandatory internships in France and abroad, paving the way for successful careers in diverse fields such as Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, and more.

At IESEG, we nurture future leaders who will make a positive impact on society, championing responsible and innovative business practices. Prepare to thrive in the ever-evolving world of international management with IESEG – where transformative education meets boundless opportunities.