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Young people all over the world dream of a successful life.

A good higher education at an university or college is often the basis.

Especially in those regions of the world with high access hurdles to academic degrees. informs all young people who are willing to invest in themselves and to start online studies to get a bachelor’s degree.

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Bachelor Degree Motivation

Completing high school can be frightening, especially with the many choices you have in modern times. Some people want you to find a job first, others want you to get a bachelor's degree, and others simply want you to spend some time off thinking about your life.

Of course, you don’t have to get into college or university right after high school. In fact, it might be a good idea to start your college education when you know exactly what career you want to pursue. Some good ways to do this would be to travel or volunteer for some roles. Such activities can expose you to many new experiences and give you better insight into your personality and abilities.

Your decision-making process can be simplified if you have financial problems and are not able to directly pay for your college education. This can force you to either spend some time working in order to raise money for school or attend cheaper online colleges. With financial challenges, you might also want to finish school faster so you can get into the workforce and earn a living.

Many people rise to the top of their fields even without a BA degree or diploma. However, these papers will significantly improve your chances of success in your career. It is, therefore, important to consider completing your undergraduate course.

There are many articles and studies about the situation in Africa. Just to mention the Unesco, Brookings or this Fred Swaniker article.

How to Get a Bachelor Degree Quickly

​Getting a bachelor's degree is highly desirable. It qualifies you for many well-paying professions and also widens your view of life. Normally, people have to spend about four years to complete their degree programs. Many students would like to complete the degree programs in a much shorter time, and online universities can help you accomplish this.

Obtaining your degree faster comes with many benefits. First, you will be able to join the workforce quicker and earn an income. That will give you a head start in your career.

Also, some people don’t have a lot of money to spend on traditional university education. If you have a limited budget, you can choose to go for online degrees. Schools on the internet are usually a lot cheaper than traditional universities. That being said, you will need to check the fees carefully since a few are actually very expensive.

After high school or secondary school, you may also want to get involved in part-time jobs to make some money. These activities will affect your schedule and may impact your education. Online universities accommodate your unusual schedules since they can be altered easily. If you are familiar with a certain course, you can even move faster with it and save more time.

Online universities can also benefit students who live in remote places since they cannot access a physical university easily. If you have to get your degree remotely, you should make sure you get a course that is completely available on the internet since some schools require you to make minimal appearances on the physical campus. Adults who want to pursue their undergraduate degrees but have full-time jobs will also appreciate the flexible schedules offered by online universities.

How Fast Can You Get a Bachelor’s Degree Online?

The quickest way to get a bachelor’s degree is by signing up with an online university. You can easily graduate from these schools within two and a half years (accelerated degree). Before joining an online university, you should contact the administrators and find out whether anything you have done before could apply towards your credit hours.

Some online universities can apply work experience, AP classes, and even life experience towards your credit. Classes taken at another university can also count. Some universities will allow you to sit an exam and get credit for the classes.

You can also choose to go for an accelerated program. With these programs, you will be able to complete a semester in five to ten weeks, instead of the usual 18 weeks. Such classes might even be offered around the year, and this will allow you to get done with the degree faster.

To save more time, you should start a course which you intend to complete. Having to start a new course will take more of your time, and this means you will graduate at a later date. It is important to pick a class that interests you and is also marketable. Spending money on a course that will not give you any useful financial returns might not be in your best interest.

How to get a Bachelor’s Degree with Limited Funds

Online universities are not just the fastest way to get a degree online; they are also the cheapest. Tuition fees for these colleges are very low. In addition, the students can study from home, meaning they don’t need to pay for accommodation in the school. Transport costs are also eliminated since the students don’t need to travel to a traditional lecture hall.

Some colleges and universities will even offer laptops to their online students, and that will reduce the overall expenses.

The exact amount you will pay for tuition will depend on the university and the course you are taking.

On top of the tuition fee, you will have to pay a technology fee, usually on a per-credit hour basis. You can expect to pay a maximum technology fee of $100 for every 5 credits. 5 to 8 credits will cost you about $200, and more than 9 credits will cost around $250. The technology fee is meant to pay for improvements in the systems and the 24/7 online support team.

You should also inquire about fees for official transcripts, graduation, exam proctoring, clinical courses, labs, criminal background checks and assessment of your qualifications.

Fast Track Your Way to a Bachelor's Degree with the Online Business School!

Are you looking for affordable online courses that offer a fast track option to a full undergraduate degree programme?

Do you need a diploma from an international online business school that ensures you have all the personal support to succeed in your aspirations?

If the answer to both questions is yes, it's time to check the Online Business School's university pathway programmes to discover more about the fastest way to get a bachelor's degree.

OBS Features:

  • Experienced and Supportive Staff
  • Structured Online Learning
  • Accredited courses

Here's how the Study Programme Works

When you enroll with the Online Business School, you will soon discover how quickly you can start to work towards your goal of a Bachelor Degree.

Your courses are structured in levels: Level 4, for instance, is the equivalent of the first year of a Bachelor's Degree programme. Working through 10 modules and 8 assignments, you gain the equivalent of 120 university credits.

When you progress through Level 5, it's the equivalent of completing a second year Bachelor Degree programme. Again, there are 10 modules and 8 assignments, gaining you the equivalent of 120 university credits. What's more, this level is equivalent to a HND Diploma, and so it's a valued qualification in its own right.

After completing level 6, which has 10 modules and 6 assignments, you'll be eligible for a postgraduate business programme, including the coveted MBA.

When you complete level 7, you'll be well prepared for the 120 credits you'll gain by doing 30 modules and 8 written assignments that will give you access to the MBA top-up, which can be completed either online or on campus at a recognised UK or overseas university.

Remember the courses have been developed by leading experts in distance learning and you'll receive the best possible support every step of the way.

What Entry Courses are Available?

​There are plenty of interesting courses to choose from when you study with the Online Business School at the start of your journey to a bachelor degree.

Where to start? If you wish, you can begin with the Level 3 Business Management University Foundation Programme. This 'A' Level equivalent course consists of 6 modules and 6 written assignments, with 40 hours of assisted online learning in each module.

During the study programme, you'll learn all the skills needed to work in a 21st century business, receiving an ATHE diploma, fully regulated by Ofqual, upon successful completion.

Included in the course fees of £1200, are all the course materials, including the online modules and written assignments; personal tuition through 1-2-1 Skype sessions; first-rate student support; access to the friendly and dynamic online social learning forum; and all marking, assessment and feedback.

And that's not all. You'll also be given a free NUS Extra card worth £12.00 and a FREE Laptop; plus free CV writing help on completion of the course.

If you're over 16 with high school education and the goal of progressing to an undergraduate management diploma or even a university degree, you're eligible for this course.

It's so easy then to move on to your bachelor degree course!

Why Are Our Programmes Attractive To Students?

  • Students can quickly and simply enrol online.
  • Assessments are carried out remotely by OBS.
  • Students are awarded a Certificate of Completion with each module.
  • Students have 24/7 accesses to their own learning platform so they can study in their own time.
  • The entire learning experience is more engaging for the student.
  • Students can purchase additional learning resources or tutorial support as required.
  • Students can communicate with each other 24/7 through specially created Social Learning Forums.
  • Final top-up can be studied on campus in the UK or by distance learning

I invite every interested student to send me an email with the notice that you are interested! I will give you immediately more information about the accelerated bachelor degree programme.