Pigier supports its students from high school to postgraduate studies, training them for future professions, and providing real-world relevance in the business landscape. The programs are designed and delivered by professionals and prominent companies from each industry.

Pigier stands out with its innovative pedagogy focused on learning through challenges: inter-school business games, business creation competitions, and other flagship events to reveal talents and develop professional qualities. We offer masterclasses and workshops to enhance students’ skills and employability.

Our students’ success is nurtured by a conducive learning environment, including supplementary video courses, e-learning, and digital tools for staying connected, even from a distance. All our programs include hands-on experience in companies, with a mix of on-campus classes and internships or apprenticeships. Our teams provide continuous support to guide students’ progress in both academic and professional realms, leading them towards success.

Each Pigier school is committed to assisting students in finding apprenticeships through job fairs and large-scale job interviews, accelerating and facilitating placements in companies. Our training advisors are there every day to coach students in their search for apprenticeships or internships.

Our commitment extends beyond education, as we place environmental and societal concerns at the heart of our schools. We utilize 100% green energy across all our campuses. Additionally, as partners of major associations such as Handi’Chiens, Pigier promotes inclusivity in its schools and in the workplace.

With 150,000 alumni in France, over 11,000 students, 10,000 partner companies, 30 schools across the country, and 170 years of experience, Pigier continues to make a significant impact in the world of education and business.