Introducing MBway: The Management School That Makes a Difference – SHAPING YOUR PATH TO BUSINESS WITH AGILITY AND EFFECTIVENESS

At MBway, we believe in equipping our students with professional skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied in the world of business.

We are proud to be part of EdTech France, supporting French entrepreneurs who are dedicated to making technology beneficial for education and training.

Testimonial from Lionel Le Blay, Recruitment Manager, and Mentor at Orange Business Services:

“Our students receive excellent support from the school throughout their journey, making them quickly operational with comprehensive courses and practical experiences. With the guidance of industry experts as guest speakers, jurors, masterclass instructors, and mentors, our students work alongside recognized professionals in their fields, including managers, consultants, and business leaders. These mentors not only provide expertise but also share their passion, guiding your path and fostering your learning.”


Our practical cases and scenarios are directly drawn from the daily experiences of our expert guest instructors. Students are immersed in various roles such as team managers, project leaders, or entrepreneurs, all aimed at helping you discover your unique management style.



Each year, the course programs and competency objectives for each specialized MBA are updated in collaboration with recruiters and industry experts. Our alumni and mentors play an active role throughout the year, contributing through workshops, thesis juries, and job dating events to ensure your continuous progress.

Join MBway today and embrace a transformative learning experience that will prepare you for success in the dynamic world of business. With our emphasis on practical skills, expert guidance, and innovation, you’ll be well-equipped to make a real impact in the corporate arena.

Discover your potential with MBway, the school where you learn to thrive in the business world with confidence and adaptability.