PPA Business School

Introducing PPA Business School – Empowering Future Leaders through Alternance

Pôle Paris Alternance (PPA), with over 2800 students in alternance, proudly stands as the premier Grande École for Commerce and Management exclusively offering post-baccalaureate programs in alternance. All our student’s degrees are registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) at level 6 (previously level 2) for 3-year programs (Bachelor’s cycle) and level 7 (previously level 1) for 5-year programs (Master’s cycle). Our institution’s pedagogy aims to foster students at the highest level through alternance, ensuring access to higher education for as many as possible, with a free entrance exam and programs tailored to the needs of our 3000 partner companies. Choosing Pôle Paris Alternance is an ambitious decision that grants the support of one of the largest training networks in Management and Commerce, the GES Network.

A Message from the Director:

“Education is not about filling a vessel, it’s about lighting a fire.” (Aristophanes)

This embodies the spirit of PPA. We do not produce clones; our mission is to accompany students in their professional development, career choices, and, above all, personal fulfillment. Our commitment at PPA is to unleash the potential of each individual and reveal the future talents.

At PPA, we have chosen alternance as a pedagogical approach, bridging the gap between the School and the workplace. This virtuous link enables students to apply their learning in both environments.

Right from the start of their educational journey, students are actively engaged in making informed career choices, as we believe that:

  • All economies always require diverse, complementary, and responsible professional teams.
  • Every sector of activity demands commercial and managerial talents to thrive.
  • Every company, regardless of size, relies on operational experts to ensure its sustainability and growth.

PPA firmly believes that the legitimacy of a professional expert rests on three pillars:

  1. General culture and intellectual agility: Experts predict that in 10 years, over half of the jobs we’ll be doing don’t exist yet today. To adapt, individuals must acquire knowledge that stimulates an understanding of evolving trends and continue learning beyond school throughout their professional lives.
  2. Progressive pedagogy inspired by top-tier Business Schools: Technical skills serve as the foundation for managerial expertise. Our students master the intricacies of their functions month after month. With these tangible competencies, they can aspire to lead and manage teams. The school provides support, allowing their personalities and relational talents to shine.
  3. Pedagogy rooted in real economic contexts through case studies and consulting missions offered by our partner companies. The School continuously listens to the skills requirements and expectations expressed by businesses in terms of corporate culture.

Through this approach, we enable each of our students to achieve mastery in their area of specialization and acquire the professional demeanor required. Armed with self-confidence, ambition, and humility, they can access leadership and management roles.

Are you ready? Come and experience the spirit of PPA!

Get ready to embark on the PPA journey, where you’ll develop as a well-rounded, skilled, and confident individual ready to lead and succeed in the dynamic world of commerce and management.